Bagni di San Filippo Hot Springs in Tuscany: the Baths of the White Whale

Off-the-beaten-path Spa town in Val d'Orcia, Southern Tuscany

Bagni San Filippo: a small Spa town in Val d’Orcia, southern Tuscany
A great Spa hotel with swimming pool and treatments
+ the free thermal springs of Fosso Bianco

Bagni San Filippo is a small spa town in Val d’Orcia, in the southern part of Tuscany. Here you will find both the spa with swimming pool and treatments and the free thermal baths of the Fosso Bianco, where several hot springs flow into a succession of pools where you can swim all year round and admire the particular limestone formations that for the suggestive shapes have inspired different names such as the white whale or the glacier.

Due to its position on the slopes of Monte Amiata in the Val d’Orcia Natural and Cultural Artistic Park, Bagni San Filippo is the ideal base for visiting the many attractions of southern Tuscany, tasting the typical products and the excellent wines of the area.

Already known to the Romans, Bagni San Filippo are located in an area of ​​great landscape and naturalistic interest. The Baths were restored in 1566 by Cosimo I de ‘Medici. Other illustrious personalities belonging to the Medici family were also frequented, such as Lorenzo the Magnificent, who went there in 1485, and the Grand Duke Ferdinando II, who attempted, in 1635, to free himself from a persistent “headache”

Today the Terme di San Filippo, with its modern facilities, is the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday and offer, thanks to the healing properties of their waters, a valid remedy against various diseases.

The Thermal Baths of San Filippo – Natural Hot Springs and SPA

The Thermal Baths of San Filippo are the main destination of the town, with a hotel, restaurant, swimming pool, spa treatments and wellness center, the offer for a relaxing and regenerative stay is wide.

The spa treatments consist of baths, inhalation muds and various types of aerosols. The spa offers different face and body treatments and a line of beauty products. And then the splendid swimming pool at a temperature of 40 degrees with hydromassage waterfall with its waters rich in sulfur, calcium, and magnesium.

Fosso Bianco, Free SPA Baths in Bagni San Filippo

The Fosso Bianco is a stream immersed in the woods where several hot springs flow into a succession of pools where you can bathe all year round and admire the particular limestone formations which for their suggestive shapes have inspired different names such as the white whale or the glacier.

The area is accessible by a road upstream from the town. The first pools and the first limestone formations are not far away while to see the famous waterfall and swim in the white sulphurous waters you have to go further. Through an evocative pedestrian path immersed in the green of the bush you get to the pools, accompanied by the rustling of the water.

Access to the entire Fosso Bianco area is free. The area is quite large, the first basins that meet along the road and going up the stream are characterized by very warm transparent waters but in scarce quantities sufficient to keep the basins. Continuing instead on the main road and then along the path that runs alongside the river you reach the Cascata della Balena, a huge block of limestone formed by the sediments of the white hyperthermal waters.

These mixing with the stream give it the typical white-blue color that creates a strong contrast with the surrounding forest. Going further downstream you reach the thermal establishment where the abundant waters of the swimming pool are released into the Fosso Bianco increasing the temperature.

Balena Bianca (White Whale): The waterfall so called because of its resemblance to the mouth of a whale, is the most suggestive limestone formation of the White Fosso. Here the hottest waters not used by the spa flow, which flow at 48º from the nearby spring, guaranteeing a temperature so high as to allow you to bathe even out of season.

The quantity and the path of the water coming down from the waterfall is changed quite frequently, transforming the scenery in a short time with new shapes and colors; in fact, especially in winter, the thermal waters mix with rainwater rich in organic or mineral material which, depositing together with the limestones, creates shades of color on green or reddish-brown.

Often you can find small pools built by the inhabitants of the place or by tourists directly under the vertical wall of the waterfall to collect the warmer waters before they mix with those of the Fosso Bianco. These basins are formed simply by letting the water flow through dry stone walls composed of a few stones, twigs and leaves; soon deposited tartars cement the structure making it waterproof. On the bottom of these deposits the precious thermal mud used for the treatment of the skin of the face and body.

Passing Water: Passing Water is a small source downstream of the country known for its mineral wealth and chemical composition. It can be reached via a short pedestrian path near the Citerni Park downstream from the town. Some inhabitants and vacationers of the spa resort use this water during meals.

The Terme di San Filippo: Hotel & Spa

The thermal waters of the pools of the Terme di San FIlippo are hyperthermal sulphurous-sulphate-calcium-magnesium waters. The analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties for the joints and anti-catarrhal, fluidifying and antimicrobial properties for the mucous membranes, are added to the properties of the natural mud deposited by them, added with clay and left to mature for a long time in special tanks, where it is still handled with methods traditional and collected for use, in buckets immersed in the heat of the same waters.

The swimming pool is located in the center of the suggestive scenario represented by the white limestone deposits and the green of the Fosso Bianco scrub, reachable from the hotel through a path that crosses a series of steaming thermal streams. The thermal pool is also open to external guests and is equipped with parking, equipped solarium areas and bar service.

Terme di San Filippo: timetables and prices

  • Continued Hours 9-19
  • Monday 9-17
  • CLOSED Tuesday

Adult day from Monday to Friday € 12
Saturday Sunday and holidays € 14

Daily children from Monday to Friday € 8
Saturday Sunday and holidays € 10

  • Afternoon: from Wednesday to Friday after 15:00 and Monday after 13:00
  • Adults 9€
  • Children 6€

Holiday Timetable:

  • Afternoon: Saturday, Sunday, holidays after 15:00
  • Adults 11€
  • Children 8€

Terme Bagni di San Filippo: the Wellness Center

The relaxing and beneficial properties of sulphurous waters and their sediments make the treatments offered by the Tuscan Wellness Center unique and natural.

To the typically thermal treatments, such as hydromassage in thermal water, peeling with thermal sediments left by the precious waters, thermal mud for face masks and for detoxifying and relaxing treatments for the body, there are many other beauty treatments and massages.

Hotel Terme San Filippo a Bagni San Filippo

Alternatively below there is a map of the hotels and b & bs near the Terme di San Filippo

What to see around the Baths of San Filippo

Bagni di San Filippo and its spa are located in the heart of Tuscany, in the province of Siena, and there are many things to see in the surrounding area.

  • Mount Amiata and the Val d’Orcia Natural and Cultural Artistic Park, right where the spas are located;
  • Siena;
  • The Lucciolabella Natural Reserve;
  • Lake Bolsena


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